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Relationship Series: So I know its Real

I have been gone for a looooooong minute! But I am back with some new topics :) 

Today I want to talk about something that we ALL have experienced:

The guy or the girl who has ALL the right things to say, but they have not made ANY semblance of a step to get towards the dream they are feeding us. We will discuss this with three scenarios.

1. “Of course I care and I can see us together. You are so (insert flattering adjective) I just like to take things slow/not ready for a relationship/really busy, but if it will be anyone, it is you!”

The problem:

It is month 8+

The solution:

Keep it moving!

2. “All I want is (insert several adjectives that describe you perfectly) but I can’t find it anyone like that.”

The problem:

This is a friend, that you have feelings for, venting, about their love life, and continues to talk to rando people who tend to be horrible, and looks past you every time.

The solution:

Keep it moving!

3. “I’ve never met anyone like you. You are so different and you make me feel (insert some type of self improvement or upgrade).  This is crazy.”

The Problem:

They are committed to someone else.

The Solution:

Keep it moving!

The point:

As human beings we naturally yearn for companionship.  The hardest and most trifling person will agree. Even a player/cheat/commitmentphobe is just someone seeking companionship from multiple people.  But despite these desires and natural needs, we don’t need to compromise dignity, state of mind, or reputation under ANY circumstance.  If a guy or girl wants to be with you, they will make that known and you will never have to question the presence of feelings.  


To the person in scenario 1:

Men are very Black and White. If they want you, you will know. It is women’s analysis and over thinking that create the gray area we love bask in the ambience of for reassurance.  That gray area is not real!! 

Women know within 5 minutes if they will date a guy and if not, some will use them regardless! Men, realize that if she wants to be with you, you will have met the friends, Sorors, family and had something cooked, cleaned, purchased, or done for you. 

To the person in scenario 2:

You may be a great friend and a perfect woman or guy (in your eyes) but if they haven’t seen it for themselves, then maybe what they are saying is not what they mean and maybe you should direct your focus elsewhere.  Sometimes unavailability is the best music for blind eyes. (think about it).

To the person in scenario 3:


Nobody wants a cheater.  There is never an excuse for that.  How you get them is how you lose them! 

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